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Paycom - Employee Portal & FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions:
I lost my password/login information, how do I get into my account?
A: Please email [email protected] and one of our team members can resend your login to your work and/or personal email.

My punch is wrong, how do I fix my time on my timecard?
A: Please click on the link for how to make a punch request in Paycom.

How do I put in for a Time-Off Request?
A: Please click on the link for how to enter a Time-Off Request in Paycom.As reminder, the last working day to use PTO for 2023 is December 29th, 2023.

If you are a new hire, your PTO is active after 30 days of your first day of employment.

How do I change my direct deposit information?
A: Please click on the link for how to change your direct deposit info in Paycom.

Be sure to submit any of these changes PRIOR to Payroll being processed on Tuesdays.

My address changed, how do I change it in Paycom?
A: Go to your Employee ESS portal in Paycom.

Select Information > Address & Contact Information.

Update your information and select save at the bottom of the menu.

Once updated, send a follow up email to [email protected] to confirm the changes.

Where can I download the apps?
You use your account via the Paycom App (found on Google Play or the App Store.)

As a reminder, remote punch-in functionality for office is disabled. You must clock in at your desk at the start of your work shift.
Paycom Support (800) 580-4505
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