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Life/AD&D, Dental & Vision Benefits - Guardian
Frequently Asked Questions:
When will my Guardian benefits take effect?
A: Same as your Blue Cross enrollment, your Guardian Benefits will be active after 30 days of employment with us, following the first of the month.(Ex. If your start date was on May 6th, then your benefits would be active on July 1st.

)What is our group ID number?
A: Please email [email protected] for our group number.

What if my enrollment isn't showing up?
A: Please contact HR so that we may reach out to our HUB benefits contact.

When can I expect my cards to come in the mail?
A: Guardian, nor RSC, will directly mail your cards to your address after enrollment.

You can directly request your cards to be mailed from your account, or directly view them via the Guardian App (found on Google Play or the App Store.)
Customer Service (888) 600-1600 | Monday to Friday | 8am to 8:30pm ET
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