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Absences - Our Policies

Available PTO must be used before any unpaid time is allowed.
Managers will be watching this closely when approvals are to be made.
RSC is implementing an updated Attendance and Call-in protocol to be as follows:
Employees will now be contacting their Managers and Supervisors via phone call, email or Teams to notify them of the following:
  • Illnesses

  • Late Arrival

  • Vehicle Accident

  • Family Emergency

Once notified, be sure to enter in a Time Off Request into Paycom for PTO (or Unpaid, if balance unavailable). See the Paycom section for instructions on how to enter in a Time Off Request.
If an employee is not in attendance for 3 consecutive days or more, they will be required by their Manager or Supervisor to provide a doctor's note stating when they can return to work. Our team will also be verifying this record with the facility.
For any other reasons, HR and the Manager/Supervisor should be notified of the following:
  • When there is 3 consecutive days of absences.

  • Covid

  • Jury Duty

  • Death of a family member

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